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Jamison Weed
Who is Mr. Weed?
Jamison Weed

What is Mr. Weed's all about?
Mr. Weed's is a top shelf brand of munchies that are developed for the cannabis community. Our motto is to enhance your overall experience with munchies that satisfy your taste buds.

How did we develop the different types of munchies?
It all started by learning about the distinct taste and color of the top favorite cannabis strains. Second, we choose a strain name that fit the Mr. Weed's brand and taste tested a hundred different munchie combinations based on the flavor of that particular strain is known for. Once the flavor was finalized, the labels really needed to grab your attention. The Mr. Weed's logo is always front and center of the label with a colorful background that visually describes the product name.

Does Mr. Weed's contain any THC or CBD?
No. All Mr. Weed's munchies are THC and CBD free.

How do you learn more about Mr. Weed's?
As being part of the Mr. Weed's community, we want to hear from you. Visit our contact page and let us know whats on your mind and different ways we can better your experiences. Mr. Weed's will continue to develop new and delicious munchies so sign up today at the Mr. Weed's buds section to get up to date product information and specials.