Let’s face it, for most of us that partake in a 420 experience, we get hit hard with the munchies.  For over 12 years, Mr. Weed's has been developing top shelf munchies specifically for the cannabis community. Our goal is to enhancing your 420 experience with flavorful, mouth-watering, and innovative munchies with only premium ingredients.

Mr. Weed’s Munchie Mixes and Candies are made in a factory located in the heart of the Midwest and produced with only the highest quality ingredients sourced exclusively from American and European growers. For years we've contributed our success and built our reputation on putting flavor and texture first, always looking for better products to go under the Mr. Weed’s name.  Our product labels are creatively designed with the Mr. Weed’s logo front and center with a background that visually describes the product name.  You will obviously recognize that Mr. Weed’s Munchie Mixes are named after some of the top cannabis strains used throughout the world.  We have a lot of fun brainstorming over 100’s of strain names and developing products and label around the specifically choosing strain name.  

The biggest question is: “Does Mr. Weed’s have THC or CBD in it?”  The answer is No.  Much like you, we believe that a name like Mr. Weed’s sounds like a product that would be infused with the “good stuff.” Without getting too serious and writing about all the laws of packaging of cannabis products, due to the cartoon nature of the Mr. Weed’s logo, the U.S. Government says that if we infuse our products with THC or CBD we cannot use our brand logo because it may attract younger children.  We love our Mr. Weed’s brand logo, without it we feel that the name loses its fun and creative appeal.  With that being said, we're able to  provide a larger global awareness of our brand which can be sold legally at headshops, liquor stores, convenient stores, music concerts, and online.    

Sign up and be a part of a growing Mr. Weed's community and receive information about new mixes and candies, along with specials on your favorite munchies. We would love to hear from you to make our product better for you.  Visit our contact page and let us know what’s on your mind and different ways we can better your experiences. From all of us at Mr. Weed’s, thank you for giving Mr. Weed’s an opportunity to become your #1 munchie brand.

Jamison Weed

Owner and President of Mr. Weed's Inc.