Mr. Weed's Inc. is excited to announce the re-branding of the corporate logo. Since inception in 2005, Mr. Weed's has used the Mr. Weed cartoon character along with the Mr. Weed's Munchies® text.  Mr. Weed's new corporate logo now has a more defined graphic artwork of the Mr. Weed character in a white t-shirt featuring the signature "o.k." hand symbol, resting above yellow Mr. Weed's text with the distinctive green box with orange trim background. “Removing the word "Munchies" from the text of the logo, opens up endless opportunities for future branded products" explains Jamison Weed, Owner. “We will continue to focus our efforts on being the #1 munchie product for headshops, but we would be silly not to open ourselves up to more diverse products than just munchies.” Mr. Weed's will focus heavily on promoting the new logo and products through the top social media sites to build brand recognition. Mr. Weed's continues to build an online presence through, while maintaining the reputation of the #1 munchie for the cannabis community.

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